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    Pallet Furniture available in lots of combinations

    Our pallet seating is made from a very robust waterproof nylon fabric.
    It’s a 600 denia thickness which is much more hardwearing than most companies use.
    The sizes are designed to be used with a general Euro Pallet as seen in the pictures.
    The foam we use is a heavy dense furniture seating grade.
    Foam has risen in the last 6 months by 40% and we have been tying our hardest to keep
    our products competative within the market.
    There are lots of ideas out there on how to upgrade your furniture with decking fronts arms etc.
    If you need any help in working out your dimensions we can advise you.
    We can also offer bespoke sizes and different thicknesses.
    We can also make up waterproof scatter cushions in most colors (see our other listing)
    All items are sent through DPD on an overnight courier
    Each heavy-duty pad has a zip to remove each cover and the same durable fabric is used throughout.
    Easy wipe clean with a damp cloth.
    Please note that the beds can be left out but you will find they will last so much longer if not left out in all weathers as
    they will fade over long periods in the sun like most items
    Store them in a dry covered area this will extend their overall life for many years
    For now, we are selling Black or Grey color however if there is a different color you require just ask and we will check availability.
    Discounts for collection PR6

    These bench cushions are manufactured in the UK and meet all European quality standards with their high fabric and foam quality.

    A full Seat Measures (1200mm x 800mm x 1100mm approx)

    A full Back Measures (1200mm x 400mm x 100mm approx)

    A Half Seat Measures (600mm x 800mm x 100mm approx)